Key features


Focus on your work. Q10 only works in full-screen mode!

Live text statistics.

Word, page and character counts are updated live as you type.

Programmable page count formula.

Specify what formula to use for page count calculation. You’re not constrained to the 250 words per page rule anymore.

Customizable look.

Change the colors, fonts...

Perfectly portable. Everytime available.

Q10 is webbased. It runs in your Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox Browser. You can use is where every you want, you only need an internet connection. You can store your work on Q10Editor.net with your mail address and your personal password.

Standard and clean text format.

You will be able to open your work with any text editor or word processor. Now and in the future.

Typing sound effects.

Get that typewriter feeling again. For the trivia lovers among you, the typing sounds were taken from the movie "Amélie".

Fast and stable.

You don’t need huge frameworks or runtimes to use this beauty. It run's directly in your browser without any use of plugins or browser extensions.


Q10 is, and will be, freeware. Period.